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FOREX Managed Accounts
FOREX Managed Accounts

Why a Forex Managed Account
Self-trading in the currency markets is at best a difficult proposition. To be successful a currency trader must follow market movements 24 hours a day, five days a week. Many Forex investors do not have the time, experience or desire to trade with this intensity themselves. Forex Managed Accounts were created for investors with risk capital who do not necessarily want to trade on their own or know nothing about Fx Market. In a Forex Managed Account the positions belong to your portfolio alone. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which commingle your funds with other investors, a Forex Managed Account is in your name and all or part of your funds can be redeemed within one day. There is no lock up period. Additionally.

How it works? (Important)
You open a private, personal; password protected Forex Managed Account under your name with a Forex Broker

That you have access to from anywhere in the world via the internet. We get limited powers Documents to trade your account, but not to withdraw any funds.
All investor accounts are linked under one trading platForm allowing the trader to place an order simultaneously across all managed accounts (including his own).
Your secure account is traded on your behalf via a power of attorney.
Monthly Returns.

The Forex Managed Account PerFormance Fee is d on each month's net profits only and it's deducted from the account monthly. The PerFormance Fee is deducted from the net profits and there is no perFormance fee if there is no profit.
Monthly PerFormance Fee:

40% for accounts up $2,000 ----- up to $ 10,000
35% for accounts up to $ 100,000
25% for accounts $ 250,000 - $500,000
20% for accounts $ 500,000 up to $ 1'000,000 and for more.
Forex Managed Accounts are not a hedge fund or pooled funds.
Clients do not deposit funds with us or through us, this is done through our fully Regulated broker.

Our Trading Strategy
Using a discretionary approach, trades are entered manually when a combination of historically proven technical indicators signal a potential low risk entry and using risk management. Generally advantage is taken of the spot overnight rollover interest payments made on the leveraged size of the trades. .
Strict money management methods are incorporated in order to preserve capital and produce the maximum return for investors.
Profits possible regardless of direction of the dollar versus other currencies, however in volatile market conditions.
Only the client can withdraw fundsThe Manager has Limited Power of AttorneyClient funds in client's name Client receives daily electronic statements direct from brokerOnly $2,000 account initial account opening we can manage for youMoney Managers personally invested in Managed Accounts too
Excellent Customer Service
Before you make a decision to invest with us or buy our e-books, I want you to read all of these words. We have even revealed a few secrets that have helped us in our daily trading. The systems have changed our lives, and I sincerely hope they do the same for you.


Most of the forex market agents are exposed to losses for lack of experience and lack of knowledge of the seriousness of the market, also, risk management major role in achieving profits, some do not have enough time to followed up markets , We provide you all of this effort and protect you from losses , if you are interesting read all the e-mail then think very well and do what you need , also we send some account statement as attached File to see our profit target .

Good luck

we can build, step by step together

Account management plan (risk management)Capital Value
The value of invested capital is ( ) $.

Type of investment
Investing in the Forex market and trading in speculative operations in the various currency pairs.

The highest risk is 20% from the capital value.


Profit rates are variable d on market movement, but as minimum 20-35% per month and may increase depend on market movement.

PlanFirst: the volume of transactions
the largest size package to enter the market is the alent of two lots for capital 10,000$ while entering his or divided by the number of deals.

Second: Table of monthly risks

Total Value of profits Weekly volume of profit Seed capital

10,000 4 lots 400$ 10,400$

10,400 4 lots 400$ 10,800$

10,800 4.5 lots 500$ 11,300$

11,300 5.5 lots 550$ 12,000$

Third: The adopted investment instruments in the management account
The economic news and their impact on the market which called in fundamental analysis.
Technical analysis which d on analysis graphs to determine the direction of the market.
Experience of the account managers to manage transactions in the market.

Fourth: Some controls in the management account
Control the size of risk by determining the point of profit taking and stop-loss points.
Investment part of the capital by not more than 20% as maximum.
Be far from the emotions in the market and move away from psychological factors.
Choose a brokerage firm that provide the best services and ensure speedy implementation of the orders.

Not to deal with companies that deal with swap system.

Depend on different strategies within the market, strategies of small profits and be quick.

Fifth: the commitment

The Administrator account should be discipline of all points of the previous plan and if not the agreement will be stop.


hope you all the best in your forex market and our team are pleased to reply and help you with any questions regarding forex .

How does the Manage Account Work?

You will open an account under your name with Go Forex and you will give me the power of attorney to just trade your account nothing else.

Profit Sharing

We are taking 40% of the profit at the end of every month and you keep the 60%

Final Risk Control and Guarantee

Note that you owned your account and if at any time you feel concerned that your account is not well managed you can call the shot at any given time within 24hrs. Also I will stop trading the account immediately if my loss falls to 2/10th of your initial opening account balance. For example, for an account with $1000 opening balance your risk is only US$200.00

Note: Because we are working rather than speaking and we believe that actions speak louder than word, you just have to try us for one month, and remember you will not risk more than 2/10th of your account.

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[No dynamic images]http://public.bay.liveFilestore.com/y1pNxX6sRtk2TNrBb-9rBhnEyPZpUuy6tINyZIgAQnMgzPxIV-Cic8OAJxvuTIb4P-LmFGohcq-qhIBFuPHo86PSg/4.PNG
[No dynamic images]

Note: Because we are working rather than speaking and we believe that actions speak louder than word, you just have to try us for one month, and remember you will not risk more than 2/10th of your account.

We will be happy to answer any questions

Good luck

senior analyst & Risk manager/ General Manager
Ali Hasan
e-mail: fxmanagedforex3@gmail.com
Skype: fxmanagedforex
Phone: - 00972598636397

Beat Regard

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