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WoW: Classic demo will limit players in start to one-hour sessions
The World of Warcraft: its doors will open to the entire world on November 2, which Gold in WoW Classic will be tomorrow. And with tomorrow just a day away, Blizzard has announced that it's going to implement a cooldown timer to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to play. "When the demonstration goes live, we will use a playtime time limit and a cooldown (that starts when you first log into ) to assist as many people as possible play the Classic demo as far as you can," community manager Ythisens wrote. "We will begin with a playtime limit of a cumulative 60 minutes plus a cooldown of 90 minutes"

He mentioned three examples of how the system works: If you play for half an hour and then log off for 60 minutes, then you'll start over with a new 60 if you return; if you play for 60 minutes, then you'll find the boot and won't be let back for 30 minutes; also (this is where it gets complicated) if you perForm for 20 minutes, leave for 20 minutes, then return and play for 40 more minutes, you are going to get kicked out but will have the ability to reconnect in just ten minutes.

A playtime cap obviously isn't going to make everyone happy, but given what normally occurs when hordes of enthusiastic gamers stampede via a newly-opened doorway, it is probably a good idea. And it will only be set up until Blizzard is certain it can manage the requirement: Ythisens said the Objective is to raise the constraints"as fast as we feasibly can," and just reinstate them whether it experiences unexpectedly large demand then.

Demo content is going to be restricted as well: Blizzard said in a statement that Horde gamers will have access to the Barrens while Alliance players will be able to ramble Westfall, however the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns dungeons will not be available, and PvP will be limited to duels. At level 15, demo players will begin on the upside, so they'll have some abilities and quests to tackle straight away. The World of Warcraft: Classic demo will be available to BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders starting on November 2, when the big show begins.

I could remember that day in 2004 when I built myself a new computer after months of saving, just so I could play World of Warcraft. I'd waited damn day for it to set up, swapping the moment. However, it took too much time. I had about half an hour. I wandered the frigid tundra of Dun Morogh as a stunt hunter I termed Durian (I didn't know it was a fruit at the time) before my mother forced me to bed. Despite her attempts this was a defining moment for me. Beyond anything that I could imagine, I glimpsed a world in those moments.
More WoW products in https://www.mmotank.com/Wow-classic-Gold.html

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WoW: Classic demo will limit players in start to one-hour sessions | Для малого бизнеса 2019-04-24 02_51_23 ( бизнес-идея, тренинги, форекс )

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